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William Milewski

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William Milewski

Office Address 

Logan Circle
1529-B 14th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005


: 202-299-0424
: 202-361-5858

Foreign Languages

Chinese (Mandarin), French

Specialties and Designations

Commercial, Investment Property, New Construction, Works With First Time Home Buyers, Specializes in Relocations, Rentals, Foreclosure, Short Sales, REO Properties, Senior Living, Resale Residential, Historic Homes, Condominiums, Urban Living, Water Front, Serving The Military, Single Family Homes and Townhomes, Luxury

About William Milewski

About William Milewski

Do you think the real estate market in the District is hot right now? Are you worried about spending too much money? Are you looking for ways to save money on your transaction?Are you looking for a proven guarantee that your property investment is safe?

Let’s work together and break down the market to fit your criteria while at the same time make you a value investor. The top 3 things you should be looking for when you buy a home to protect your investment are:

1. Walkability

2. Access to Metro/public transportation

3. Quality of public schools

All these things determine how much you will love your neighborhood and love your new home. These all add to your physical and mental health in your new home. While you can change things to increase the value of your home, you cannot change these three attributes of your neighborhood. So plan some time for discovery of the niche neighborhoods in the area we search for your new home to guarantee a proven value investment is being made.

We will work together to ensure your standards for safety in the neighborhood and ultimately the home you select are met. And meeting all these criteria you are guaranteed safety in your investment in your new home.

Working with each client is a unique experience. You are guaranteed to save time, money, stress and anxiety as we work together through this process. On the day we close your transaction and you get the keys to your new home you are guaranteed a peace of mind that allows you a healthy and relaxing sleep that night because we have covered all these elements of value investing in real estate.

It may sound funny to you but urban dwellers are most happy and healthy when they love their neighbors. Yes, that is normal! Neighbors who love each other take care of each other’s safety, health and well-being.

Kind neighbors love to meet and brag about the love on their block and how proud they are to have their neighbors as close friends. They like to help each other with the gardening, take care of each other’s pets when someone is away, share meals and fond times together.Your new neighbors should become your new friends and over time like extended family.

This will give you a guarantee that the results of our search have proven you made the right decision on your new neighborhood and your new home. Your time for discovery and understanding the safety of the neighborhood, the healthy lifestyle and the love shared among neighbors is guarantee of a results-oriented search that will secure your home investment over time no matter what fluctuations happen in our market.

While we say the Washington, DC area market is hot at the moment. I have every reason to believe it should be even more valuable in the long term. The District itself is a small area and most is zoned as historic. There are very limited possibilities to expand. Even the new construction is not allowed to build sky scrapers. Therefore, the supply of homes is very limited now and in the future. Demand is higher than supply and that is forecast well into the future.

For home sellers, all the same principles are the same. If you are selling a home you have loved for years, surrounded by neighbors who share the same neighborhood safety & security, loved each other for a long time with fond memories, then you can add great value in selling your property based on these things which home buyers are looking for.

Let’s meet and listen to your priorities and I hope to guide you through the neighborhood discovery process and align your criteria with my real estate principles for concluding a valuei investment that serves your health and financial well-being long into the future.

To find out why people want William to work for them, call and talk with him yourself. 1-202-361-5858.


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