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Looking for a home in the

Kemptown Elementary School District


Hello, and thank you for responding to our postcard. My clients (yes, I really have these clients) are a young family of four who are growing out of their current home and looking for something more appropriate for their needs. Since the market has not supplied what they are looking for, we are reaching out to the community to find a home with a deal that is mutually beneficial to both the buyer and seller.

We are reaching out to you because, according to property records, you have been in your home for many years, and you may be interested in downsizing or other life change. In addition, my clients prefer to live in the Kemptown Elementary School District so their daughter continue there.

Client requirements

  • 3+ bedrooms
  • 2 1/2+ bath
  • Home is reasonably up to date, well maintained with little to no deferred maintenance (buyers are willing to consider a lower standard of condition vs. price)
  • Reasonable separation from bedrooms with at least one usable living area – i.e., lower transmission of noise.

Seller Benefits

  • No hassle sale
  • No rush to move out of home.
  • No need to maintain a perfectly clean and decorated home for showings.
  • No need to leave home for showings.
  • No strangers and neighbors wandering around your home.
  • No open houses.
  • Pictures of your home are not on the internet.
  • No cosmetic updates
  • Potentially lower commission costs.
  • The sale is not public; not announced to neighbors nor the public at large.
  • It’s the easiest way of getting some instant feedback if you are considering a sale.
  • If an investment property – minimal disruption of tenants, especially if they would be uncooperative with the sale.


Proposed Process*

1. I will meet with the sellers to do an initial assessment. During this meeting, in addition to answering your questions, I will assess:

The suitability of the property to the buyer’s needs.
Reasonableness of expected price.
Sellers plans for moving.

2. If I think the property meets the buyer’s criteria, we will schedule a buyer showing.

3. Assuming buyers are agreeable, order an Appraisal. Sale price based on a professional appraisal.

4. Develop a mutually agreeable schedule for closing. **

5. Write a mutually agreeable contract of sale.

6. Order appropriate inspections.

7. Close sale.

* This process is an initial starting point. As the needs of the sellers and buyers are clarified, the process can easily be modified.

**This schedule must include all the plans for the seller to find a new place and move.

As the REALTOR in this scenario, I am available to work with both the seller and buyers to facilitate finding a new place.

Call or text Bob Reynolds at 301-873-2106 or email me at [email protected]

Call or text or email me to take the next step.

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