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Eight Important Reasons Why Buyers & Sellers Use a REALTOR®
  1. Qualifying the Buyer - REALTORS® qualify prospective buyers to determine in advance their financial ability to purchase. Pre-Qualification also helps a buyer understand what they can afford and what they can realistically look at buying. This saves both buyers and sellers a lot of time and aggravation and ensures that the process is as smooth as possible.

  3. Advertising - REALTORS® have access to several forms of advertising including newspapers, homes, magazines, relocation networks and the Multiple Listing Service--a cooperative sales system which contains all the properties for sale in your market area.

  5. Housing Trends - REALTORS® have current market information on comparable selling prices for specific types of homes, allowing sellers to establish realistic prices while obtaining fair market value for their property.

  7. Sale Negotiations - REALTORS® are trained professionals who can answer the many questions posed by potential buyers and should work to alleviate any doubts buyers have about the process.

  9. Financing - REALTORS® will continually gather information on the latest and best methods of obtaining mortgage money and be prepared to assist the buyer to assure a speedy sale.

  11. Continuing Education - REALTORS® are constantly upgrading their professional abilities by keeping informed about market trends, the latest industry innovations, new legislation and civil rights. Members of the National Association of REALTORS® have the right to earn professional designations by completing additional education.

  13. Personal Service - REALTORS® work cooperatively with the affiliate members of the MLS to provide information on title and conveyance documents, termite inspections, home warranty programs, etc. REALTORS® also make suggestions to sellers on how to make a home more saleable.

  15. Protection for Buyers & Sellers - REALTORS® subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics and accept the responsibility of promoting the interests of buyers and sellers by protecting them from fraud and misrepresentation.