Over 15 years experience working as a team with my husband in serving the needs of physicians with their dreams of home ownership. Understanding the complexities of their lives during residency and fellowship years consisting of grueling hours and not having the luxury of time on their side to find their perfect home.

We have extensive experience in several counties as well as the city and have not limited our expertise to one area. The most obvious advantage being based on the clients needs and wants, we can direct them to their most ideal target area. This is particularly helpful for physicians relocating to Maryland from other states.

By routinely working with physicians we have come to fully understand the different Doctor's Loan programs and the nuances among them that may not be apparent at a quick glance to those researching the product.

We have done much work in successfully securing loans for non-permanent residents with O-1 Visa classifications despite them being told otherwise by banking institutions. We have made it our practice to deal only with banks that are highly qualified and knowledgeable with physicians who maintain different types of Visas.

The advantage of our team is that one of us is always available. If we do not respond instantaneously to your call or e-mail we will get back to you promptly. Although the vast majority of our clients are physicians, we are not limited to working only with them.

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