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Elizabeth Lucchesi

Founder, Realtor, licensed in VA & DC

Elizabeth is the visionary founder and driving force behind the LizLuke Team. With her quick-witted nature, gleeful giggle, and just the right amount of sass, Elizabeth adds a unique flair to the world of real estate.  

Since establishing the LizLuke Team in 2003, Elizabeth has carved out a reputation as an exceptional realtor and master negotiator. With a sharp eye for market trends and a skillful approach to analysis, she navigates the ever-changing real estate landscape with ease. With over two decades of experience in the residential real estate industry, Elizabeth is well-versed in the intricacies of buying and selling properties, ensuring her clients receive expert guidance every step of the way.

Beyond real estate, Elizabeth is a fierce tennis competitor, mom to two young adults and two pups, and committed to Alexandria, the community she calls home.

Contact - Elizabeth Lucchesi 
[email protected] (703) 868-5676

Samantha Miles

Listing Coordinator

Samantha is thorough, thoughtful, organized, plain ole' awesome!⁣ She hones exceptional communicating skills and excels at going above and beyond to ensure that every interaction is marked by kindness, clarity, and genuine care.  By working closely with home sellers and our vetted home service professionals she ensures our listings are up to the LizLuke Standard.

When she's not immersed in the world of real estate, Samantha loves to dance with a capital ‘L’ and frequently attends a variety of local classes including ballet, cardio dance, and modern. She finds dance both relaxing and rejuvenating - much like a day at the spa or a good book.

Contact - Samantha Miles
[email protected] (703) 683-0400


Crystal Yalch

Marketing Coordinator

Crystal's attention to detail is matched by none. Her charming sense of humor and great smile is ultra approachable. She's a mother to two pre-teen boys, not including her husband.

Crystal prefers to put on a great pair of running shoes over heels any day. She's not offended by the PSL (pumpkin spice latte) stereotype and she's all about anything fall!

Contact - Crystal Yalch
[email protected] (301) 503-1702

Sharri Ralis

Client Care Coordinator

Sharri brings a wealth of experience in human resources and operations management. After all, the task of raising three boys is a hefty one and has earned Sharri the patience of a monk and wisdom equal to that of King Solomon.

Her ability to establish and nurture professional but thoughtful relationships is invaluable and supports LizLuke in delivering an exceptional experience.

Sharri has called Alexandria home for over 20 years and is an active member of her community. She has a lengthy record of service as a board member of various school athletic programs, the PTA, and is the fundraising chairperson for her local boy scout troop.

In between chauffeuring her boys to and from sporting events, Sharri enjoys exploring the great outdoors, especially hiking.

Contact - Sharri Ralis
[email protected] (703) 992-4901