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Insights: LF68

Creating a Bespoke Home Fragrance

Long & Foster are using a signature scent to transform the homebuying experience.
Finding your dream home is like discovering your signature fragrance; to make it your own, it must appeal to your mind and heart.

Composing a Bespoke Fragrance

Long & Foster is the first realty firm to launch a finely crafted signature fragrance to enhance the connection with our clients, enrich the homebuying experience and unlock the imagination. Our signature home fragrance is composed as a bold fusion of classic fragrance artistry and modern perfumery. Akin to the core of our firm — it is regal and distinguished. It is enchanting and elusive, familiar, but unique,it is LF68.

An Olfactory Mission for Brand Expression

What we smell forms a primary part of what we experience and how we connect with our environment. Scents move us and etch memories into our souls. Leading global hospitality and retail brands have come to appreciate the role that a carefully crafted scent can play in creating an experience. Long & Foster is pioneering scent in marketing residential real estate. Our clients and agents have long recognized the importance of creating a compelling experience to showcase a home’s unique personality. Sophisticated buyers appreciate how staging lets them see the full potential of a property. Done right, it helps them envision their own life in the homes they visit. The presence of evocative scent enhances such an experience, adding an element of surprise and wonder we find in fine art. Our signature fragrance — sophisticated and refined — is designed to add a memorable unifying element to the luxury home-buying process, well-matched to the extraordinary properties we represent. It opens a new dimension for a personal connection with our clients and partners. It is a nuanced and revolutionary approach to brand expression.

The extension of Long & Foster in the olfactive space is strategic, one where the signature scent becomes an integral attribute of the brand that is constantly reinventing and connecting with clients at a deeper visceral and emotional level.

Partnering with a French Fragrance House

The world of scent creation is an extraordinary place. It is one largely invisible to the broader public. Perfumers create scents and identities for products knowing that those who experience and are moved by their artistic creations, will know them only by the names of their clients — the brands that market them. Within this hidden world, a few select fragrance houses have international reputations. None is higher than the legendary French family held company, MANE, the artists behind some of the worlds most coveted and iconic fragrances. Perhaps not a household name, we have all experienced MANE’s compositions in countless products. Award-winning and celebrated fine fragrances, high-end home scents and best-selling compositions Atelier Cologne, Jo Malone, Nuxe, Paul Smith and Armani among them. It’s that notable pedigree that led Long & Foster to recognize MANE as the ideal artistic partner for this project. One of the core attractions of MANE as a partner in creating a signature fragrance for our brand is the way that the firm has embraced its changing world, blending timeless craftsmanship and modern techniques, preserving a balance between meeting new demands and an unwavering commitment to its heritage of the highest artistic standards.

MANE has been a part of the story of fine fragrances since 1871. Victor Mane established his firm in Grasse. Close to the French Riviera, at the heart of a region known as the birthplace of perfumery, thanks to rare combination of soil and climate akin to a wine region. In the late 19th century, scent creation was a straightforward soliflore, a single flower or plant, of natural extract. Fine chemistry of the early 20th century provided master perfumers with new molecules to blend, enhance and embellish natural ingredients. It transformed a traditional field into a sophisticated industry.


Arranging the Composition: a Symphony Begins

Perfumers crafting a fine scent work with a palette of ingredients to create a complex whole—now with about 1,400 recognized ingredients to choose from. MANE draws on the finest ingredients sourced from nature. The goal of a finely crafted scent is an experience that seems both distinctive and teasingly familiar. The art lies both in selecting ingredients and in carefully balancing them. Within the fragrance field, as with wine-tasting, the building blocks of the fragrance formula are described as ”notes.“ An individual note can come from a complex combination. In turn, the notes call forth an individual’s experiences and memories, allowing a fragrance to powerfully unlock feelings in each of us. The artist works to fulfill the vision of the client. We tasked MANE's perfumers to compose an evocative scent to balance seeming contradictions: at once comforting and provocative, energizing and calming, uncommon but somehow familiar, with the sense of surprise and inevitability one finds in the finest works of art. MANE offered Long & Foster several creative expressions for our consideration. Some were more conventional, laying within the territory of popular scent families. However, the team at Long & Foster sought a scent that would be distinctive and memorable for sophisticated customers, offering unique experiences. In the final selection, MANE has created for Long & Foster a scent that transforms classic notes in the heritage of fragrance artistry with modern influences. They designed a character that is both everlasting yet surprising, capable of transforming the experience of home and unlocking one’s imagination.

The brand team at Long & Foster sought a scent that would be distinctive and memorable.

LF68: Dwell in the Uncommon

It has awareness and sophistication capable of transforming a space and experience. Simply put, it is LF68, Long & Foster’s new bespoke fragrance. It represents our history in the space and our founding in 1968. It’s our bold statement. From its stunning bottle design to the scent delivery medium, every detail was orchestrated with precision and care to complement the overall olfactory structure of the winning bespoke scent, bringing to life our brand values and brand attributes. LF68 doesn’t just add an element to a space inside of a luxury home; it becomes the foundation for which a memory is made — evocative and warmly rich, inviting you to explore further. It beckons you to dwell in the uncommon. LF68 commands awareness.

Composed in the best traditions of fine perfumery, LF68 is designed as a complex olfactive experience, a fragrance with many layers that develops over time. To give LF68 a character that is both everlasting yet surprising, our perfumer juxtaposed classic notes from the heritage of fragrance artistry with modern perfumery influences. Where the sophisticated and elevated warmth of Champagne Rose is layered with MANE’s proprietary scent molecules of Lavender Leaves Jungle Essence to add a clean, fresh and natural feeling to a floral hear t. Where sparkling citrus impressions, a balancing rhubarb note, and the lightness of bergamot meets welcoming and subtle notes of amber and patchouli. The resulting olfactive masterpiece is regal and striking. A fusion of old and new, timeless and elegant. Follow your dreams with LF68, imagine the colors and the feeling. Capture the moment and come home.