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Case Study

Fitting The Bill For The Entire Family

While Fena was ready to upgrade and move, her husband, Andy felt it was unnecessary. Their Long & Foster agent had to find Fena the perfect property in her neighborhood and get Andy on board.
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The Challenge:

Luxury or necessity? This is a challenge in itself for luxury homeowners. Andy and Fena owned a gorgeous modern colonial home in a sought out Washington, D.C., neighborhood, in walking distance of their children’s school. While Fena was ready to upgrade and move, her husband, Andy, felt it was unnecessary. Furthering the challenge, Fena wanted their family to remain in the local area, but was interested in a bigger home – inside and out.


Agent Insight:

Jennie McDonnell, a leading real estate agent of Long & Foster, knew she would have to find the perfect property to get Andy on board. Just like every real estate transaction, Jennie took the time to get to know her clients to ensure she could find a home that would fit their lifestyle and their needs.

This transaction, like many I’ve done, is a great example of why it’s so important to get to know your clients as best as you can. By knowing who they are and how they live, I can help make sure they get exactly the house they want and need.
Jennie McDonnell

Our Customized Approach:

After Jennie learned precisely what Andy and Fena desired in a new home, the perfect property came to mind immediately – one that would fit the bill for the entire family. The beautiful, spacious family house, complete with a tennis court, pool, gym and game room, among other amenities, was just two miles from their current home and was a must-see for the couple.



In the middle of a snow storm, Jennie and Fena put on their winter boots and walked over to look at the property – it happens to be within the neighborhood that Jennie lives. She then showed Andy at a later date. Fena and Andy have a designer’s eye for decorating, and while the new house was a bit dated, they were able to see its potential. The couple fell in love with the house and decided to make an offer. Jennie developed a custom analysis of the property, so Andy and Fena could make a competitive bid, and they successfully closed on the home for lower than the asking price.

Later, Jennie helped them sell their current home. After only 44 days on the market, they received an all-cash offer, resulting in a quick closing. Jennie has kept in touch with the family, and they have since made many updates to their new property, turning it into a gorgeous home.