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General Contractors


Jose Lemus - (703) 899-1476. "Painting, drywall, carpentry. Excellent!"


Ricardo Martinez - (703) 953-4338. "I would highly recommend Ricardo Martinez. He has done all the things you noted in your email for my basement. He's great and easy to work with. If you want to come see my basement just send me an email."


Jon Shukurov - Fix Contracting, (202) 965-4369  “I have used Jon Shukurov for remodeling for years. Kitchen, baths, stone terrace, closets and so on. Maybe five other people in my building have used them as well. They have good craftsmen, show up when they are supposed to and finish the job on time. If something is not right they return right away and fix it. Could not ask for better.”


Huxley Renovations - Mike Sandwick, [email protected] “They are excellent workmen (husband and wife).I have usedtheir services often and can highly recommend them. They are wonderful at designing a space they are to work on. Their capabilities include: General residential renovations. Design. Home improvement contractor. Carpentry, trim and framing.”


Larry Enten – (202) 329-6006, [email protected]

  • Larry Enten arranged for masonry (my steps) to be replaced. The workmen he hired did a wonderful job and he supervised closely. They did a great job and Larry was great to have as supervisor.”


  • “His sons power-washed our deck and did a great job at a very reasonable cost.”


Peter Glaser – Glaser Tile, 202-446-3833, [email protected]  “Peter Glaser has been doing home repairs and remodeling in the area for over 30 years.He has crews that specialize in everything from masonry and plaster/stucco work to new construction, plus he's renovated hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms both for homeowners as well as other local builders.Peter also owns Glaser Tile which is a custom tile installation company that does both generic ceramic as well as glass, stone and marble tile setting.They can do custom tub and shower stalls as well, in glass, stone, marble or ceramic. Fully licensed and insured, plus award-winning workmanship.”


Albarth Molina - 301-370-1787 (He is the absolute best and managed all the details for the total renovation of my condo at The Colonnade).


Mitch Hannon – 703-582-2277  "I've worked with some doozies in the last few years, but have now happened upon a great fellow, Mitch Hannon. He is a general contractor who also does much of the work. He also has great subs - for electrical, HVAC, plumbing, floors, drywall. He's easy to get along with, knows details and can predict what will happen or be needed, is very particular about the quality of the work being done."


Joe's Home Improvement - Joe Alizai, (703) 675-9934  “Joe renovated our basement (retiled the basement floor, added a half wall on the stairs, enclosed the washer and dryer, and replaced acoustic tiles with permanent ceiling), expanded our closets and replaced the single doors with double doors, and installed a ceiling fan and lights on our back porch. He is a perfectionist, his work is great, and he has a one year guarantee.”


J&R Service – (202) 966-JANDR,  “We used J&R Services to remodel our two bathrooms and kitchen and had a great experience with them. We promised them we'd post on the list serve and are happy to do it. The workers were courteous, always cleaned the space and associated spaces, i.e. our bedrooms and living and dining room at the end of the day and Dave, the sales person was always there to answer the phone when we called and even came at odd hours to help us out with connecting new appliances and existing appliances. They truly seemed like a neighborhood contractor, didn't charge for minimal add-ons and were very affordable. Their slogan is 'Don't sign that dotted line until you see our bottom line' and I would recommend taking their advice.”


Edgar of Tikal Construction - (240) 271-4440 “I easily recommend Edgar of Tikal Construction. He did work for me at my own house, remodeled my girlfriend’s basement (including moving pipes and electrical wiring) and has done work for my business as well. He can be a bit busy at times, but it varies and he is honest about his time frames which I appreciate. He is also clean. His guys pick up and vacuum every day to keep any mess to a minimum.”


Rafet Tabaku - [email protected]  “Did an excellent job screening our front porch. We were especially pleased that he was able to do it with stained wood to match our brown trim - it required a better grade of wood and a bit more craftsmanship than it would have if we had just wanted it painted. His pricing was about a 6.5 on a scale of 1 to 10 - not the cheapest, maybe a bit higher than average, but not too bad overall. He is personable and works quickly - promised to get the job done in two weeks, and got it done in two weeks with no problems or complications.”




Jose Lemus - (703) 899-1476. "Excellent!"


Peter Teter - (240) 393-3952 (cell), (301) 869-8234 (home), [email protected]  "From roofing to fencing, TV installation to custom cabinetry, Peter seems to do it all. Completely trustworthy, reasonably priced."


Seth - (202) 790-2144,  “For the small interior stuff I highly recommend Seth, aka "the district handyman"; he renovated our bathroom and kitchen, installed fans, hung pictures, and did other odds and ends jobs all for a very reasonable price.”


Victor Salazar – 240.398.4002 "Excellent, has a strong bench of expertise to get any job done, pricey.”


Pete Hansen - [email protected], 202-333-4033 or 703 618-9530. "Pete is a Glover Parker and has done general handyman work for us for several years. He is an excellent painter and carpenter. He has also done work on my daughter's house. He rebuilt her front porch, installed new windows and doors. She describes Pete as "reliable, fun, and a perfectionist about his work."


Milos – 571.201.5284


Colonel Josh - I've been hearing other folks on this listserv singing the praises of a handyman named Colonel Josh Arnson, so I decided to give him a shot at our own "punch list." Let me tell you, he's even better than advertised. Punctual. Inexpensive. Personable. And extremely capable. He handled all the repair and touch-up jobs we gave him -- from large to small -- with ease. Quickly, efficiently, thoroughly. I'm almost reluctant to post this endorsement! for fear he's going to be too busy in the future, but he's such a nice guy that I couldn't help but let the secret out. You can reach him at (202) 631-3376, [email protected]  and


Jonah Hamilton - “A trustworthy and very capable handyman with reasonable rates if you're looking for one. His email address is [email protected]  and his cell phone # is 202.280.8303. He did such a fantastic job at fixing something in my apartment that I told him I would recommend him on this list serve. Plus, he's local--works full-time at Glover Park Hardware and lives in the neighborhood.”


Carlos Roberto Distinto - [email protected], 202-373-9968  “Carlos lives right in Glover Park, and has done jobs big (replacing all of our deck railings) and small (drywall repair and other small jobs) for us.He is a hard worker who does an excellent job, and can do most anything. He is very affordable, and a heck of a nice guy to boot.”


House Cleaning


Angelica - 202-617-8732, “Totally recommending! a very nice and hard-working house cleaning lady, who's looking additional family. Angelica have many years of experience and excellent recommendation from a lovely family working over 15 years in this neighborhood.”


Tessie – 202.247.8017


Neida – 703.237.4703