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"First, Susan is an experienced real estate agent with deep knowledge of Montgomery County. She has sold in countless neighborhoods and can determine pretty quickly, even before you arrive, whether a house will have the qualities you’re looking for based on its location and price. Second, and most importantly, Susan went above and beyond as my realtor. She began the process getting to know not only my budget and location preferences but also the types of properties and features that I prefer, first by asking me to send my thoughts on various listings and then with an all-day house hunting event. Susan proactively searched for current and even forthcoming listings, and at one point she went out with me every day to see listings that had just gone on the market. Because Susan made sure I knew about listings that were forthcoming and because she scheduled appointment as soon as they were available, we were informed by the seller’s agent when one of the houses I was interested in was put on the market a day early. Had Susan not made that earlier appointment, we wouldn’t have been informed of this change, and we would have missed the deadline to submit my offer. Instead, I got the house. Third, once I began putting in offers, Susan was an effective advocate. She made sure I understood everything I was signing, and she effectively represented my interests to the seller’s agent. Fourth and finally, in addition to her real estate prowess, Susan is an experienced homeowner herself and has undertaken multiple home improvement projects. As a result, when we toured homes, she was able to answer questions about which renovations would be fairly simple, which would involve more money, which issues a handyman could easily fix, etc. Having access to this knowledge allowed me to determine which homes would be too much work, and which were less work than I thought based on my inexperienced eye. I highly recommend Susan to anyone looking to buy a home." -Jennifer Parry 7/20/2020

"My experience working with Long and Foster agent Susan Janney was more than excellent.  She did everything in her power to make the process of selling my condo a non stressful and manageable transaction.  She has the seller’s interest at heart and has a myriad of suggestions to make the sale happen.  She is a great listener and doesn’t escalate any issue so that everyone always felt comfortable no matter what was going on. I highly recommend Ms. Janney as a top-notch agent and a great realtor."   -Beverly Friedman

“Susan Janney found a home for me that fit my requests perfectly.  It was her hard work in checking the MLS on a daily basis that allowed her to find my perfect home. She found the home the very day it came on the market, and her skills as a negotiator enabled me to get a ratified contract before there was any competition.”   - G. Coste

"We went to Susan Janney on the recommendation of a family member and we are so glad we did. Susan is friendly, knowledgeable, and put our interests first. Early on, we were ready to buy a house that, in retrospect, wasn't right for us. Susan talked us back from the ledge instead of letting us buy the wrong house and getting her paycheck fast.

She was extremely knowledgeable about the housing market, what to look for in a house, and how to get our offer accepted by the seller. She worked tirelessly on our behalf and would drop everything to show us a house we were interested in. With her help, we got the perfect home, and could not be happier with how the process turned out. We will  recommend Susan to our friends and would definitely use her services again in the future."  -Tim & Allie

“A belated, but heart felt ”thank you”. As you know, finding the right home cane be stressful and anxiety producing.  But your support and encouragement made the process easy and enjoyable.  Please feel free to visit us any time you are in the neighborhood.”      -J. Rosenberg

 “Once again, “thank you.”  With all the wedding plans, selling our condominium and buying a new home, we would have been overwhelmed without you. Your sound advice and extraordinary patience kept us on track.  We will recommend you to all our friends.”  -M. and D. Hall

 “As the listing agent of our house in February, you were knowledgeable and helpful.  Everything from first showing to settlement went smoothly and you kept us informed along the way.  We will certainly give your name to our friends who need an excellent realtor.”     - R. and R. Stein

 “ We so appreciate your expertise, professionalism, and service as both the listing agent of our former home and as the selling agent of future home. You went out of your way to make the marketing, sale and settlements as easy as possible for us.”    -Kamal D.

 "Now that we are beginning to clear the boxes, Marc and I are writing to say, once again, THANK YOU. You have been such a joy to work with. Your warmth and patience as we went through the process of deciding to downsize and then finding the right new home, and selling our home of 35 years, were remarkable. And deeply appreciated. You stayed with us, literally and psychologically, as we went on this journey, joining us at every listing we looked at. You patiently let us take our time. Marc and I appreciate your careful attention, non-intrusive but always supportive, during our times of doubt and indecision. Thus, you gave us the space to think, and feel, our way through, to the best decision for us. You steered us through the process of selling our house, the staging, the pricing, the open houses, the complicated negotiating and contracting process ( as well as all that paperwork!). We benefited so much from your expertise, and your remarkable level of organization kept us organized as well. When we needed some space, you gave us space. When we needed you quickly, you were right there. Just today, two weeks after we moved, we needed some documentation and you responded to us within the hour - and on a Sunday! Actually, we were not at all surprised because you have always been remarkably responsive. Thank you again, for your professionalism and wisdom, your thoroughness and your patience. Not only have we found an excellent real estate agent, we have found a friend."  - Lin Nemiroff

 “As our listing agent, you were knowledgeable and energetic. You always stayed on top of all the details concerning showings, feedback, marketing, and settlement.  You were just as helpful when we bought this house from you 6 years ago.  We hate to leave the area, but our friends will know how you made this transition as stress –free as it could be.”    -L. and S. Barr

 “It has been wonderful working with you again.  This is now our third sale with you and I think we will be here for a while.  You found a terrific home for us and gave us great advice- every time we have worked with you.”    -H. and  P.  Ragan

 “We are so glad to have been recommended to you by our friends who worked with you.  You succeeded where our first agent could not.  We knew you were the right choice for us when we met you and you never let us down”    -C. Wallace and V. Ancito

 “When we called your office looking for help, we never dreamed how fortunate we would be to meet you and then work with you to find our beautiful home. That was 14 years ago.  Now you have once again succeeded in getting us into our new home.  You are terrific.”   -  G. Dellabetta

 “Susan helped us with from start to finish with selling our home.  She gave us advice on staging and even helped us move furniture around!  We balked at her suggestion to have the floors refinished and paint some rooms, but the advice was right on target and we sold quickly and at a very nice price.”   - F. Waters

 “After meeting many agents, we decided to work exclusively with Susan.  She educated us all along the way so that when it came to make a decision on a house purchase, we felt confident that we were prepared to make the right choice.  She really knows her craft.”    -M. and  J.  Zehr

 “We bought our home in a ‘seller’s market.’  It was a real challenge, but Susan was very patient and continued advising us.  We have the utmost confidence in  her abilities.”   -D. Zuk and O. Ross

 “I am very happy to recommend Susan to anyone looking for an excellent real estate agent. I will certainly use her again.  She is helpful, smart, and fun to work with.”   -P. McKeown

 “We have worked with other agents before, but we have found Susan Janney to be the most understanding and supportive agent.   She really listened to us.”      -Dr. B. White and A. Miotti

 “We have known Susan Janney since she listed our first little condominium, and then sold us our townhome, and then listed that townhome, and sold us our present house. We are like family now.  She has always impressed us with her attention to detail, her honesty, and her professionalism.  She has a great personality too. Fun to work with.”    -R. and L. Cohen

 "I can’t say enough great things about my experience working with Susan Janney. She was my realtor when I sold house in Silver Spring in November, 2017; and then again when I    purchased my townhouse a few months later. I’ll always be grateful for her kind and personal approach, which helped alleviate my stress as a single mother downsizing from a single family home to a condominium. Susan was always readily available to guide me at every step of the process; and because of her professionalism and efficiency, I knew that I was making the best decisions for me and my daughter. I would highly recommend Susan Janney!"     

-Angela Spicer

 "We wanted to thank you for your efforts in selling our house. You have been transparent and communicative through and through the process, especially with your professionalism when dealing with the other realtor, buyer, and with the settlement attorney. Even under our circumstances, your help was greatly  appreciated!"  -Quenie N. & Leo G.





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