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  1. Prepare your home for sale by helping you recognize common defects that may turn off buyers and provide cost effective ways of correcting them.
  2. Develop and discus a CMA (Competitive Market Analysis) with you to help you determine an optimum selling price.
  3. List and market your property in many ways including Long And Foster.com, Realtor.com, Zillow, Tullia, YouTube and other various real estate websites.
  4. Install “For Sale” Broker’s Sign and electronic Sentrilock lockbox on the property.
  5. Produce professional quality photographs of your property for use online and in hardcopy marketing programs.
  6. Preparing and distributing Marketing Brochures.
  7. Mentally Prepare you to show your home to prospective buyers.  The more you understand how buyers think, the better you will prepare your home for sale.
  8. Assist you in managing and scheduling viewing appointments.
  9. Personally conduct Public open houses and Realtor open houses as needed.
  10. Make price changes and other recommendations as needed during the listing period based on feedback from other realtors and other information acquired.
  11. Be 24/7 available for any and all inquires from prospective buyers and agents about the property.
  12. Manage and respond based on your decision to all offers and counter offers.
  13. Negotiate with buyers and buyer’s agents on behalf of yourself as needed.
  14. Professionally guide you at all times, including between offer acceptance and settlement.
  15. Assist with the scheduling of all buyer related appointments right up to settlement.
  16. Assist you with handling inspections, buyer inspection reports and repair decisions.
  17. Follow up with buyer’s agent to remove all contract addendums as needed in order to complete settlement.
  18. Assist with providing title agency and other related professionals all the needed information and paperwork necessary for closing to occur.
  19. Assist you in making moving arrangements if needed.
  20. Manage vacant properties between time of listing and settlement if you are not local or able.
  21. Carry out much more and sometimes uncommon task as needed.
  22. Being present at settlement to assist you with any last minute unexpected occurrences.



  1. Educating you on the home buying process.
  2. Give you information on how to determine your credit score.  This a major tool used I obtaining a mortgage loan and you should know where you stand.
  3. Suggesting and directing you, especially if you are a first time homebuyer to home buying seminars presented by a mortgage professional on my team.
  4. Setting up consultation sessions with a mortgage loan or financial specialist based on your needs, for you to get pre approved or at least pre qualified.
  5. Setting up auto search email triggers of suitable properties after listening to your needs.
  6. Previewing properties that match your criteria in order to save you valuable time.
  7. New Home Purchase
    1. Educate you on the new home purchase procedure.
    2. Recommend new home developments for you to visit that match your needs.
    3. Register you with prospective new home builders
    4. Explore current spec homes with you that may match your needs.
    5. Visit various builder site offices and help with the negotiations as needed.
    6. Assist in upgrade selections.
    7. Advise you on what is told to you buy the builders representative.
    8. Accompany you throughout every walkthrough inspection during construction.
    9. Be present at settlement to assist should a problem arise.
    10. Advise and assist in making moving arrangements if requited.
  8. Personally taking you out to view prospective properties.
  9. Advise on the maintenance of specific property items and upgrades present in existing properties. 
  10. Advise on the expected life span and replacement cost of ”big ticket items”.
  11. Preparing you written purchase offer with recommended exit addendums.
  12. Negotiating with the seller on your behalf mostly before a ratified contract is obtained and during home inspection addendum removal.
  13. Arranging and accompanying you with all home inspections.
  14. Assist with providing title agency, loans officer and other related professionals with all the needed information and paperwork necessary for closing to occur.
  15. Conducting a final walk through of the property with you before settlement.
  16. Assist you in making moving arrangements if required.
  17. Being present at settlement to assist you with any last minute unexpected occurrences.



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