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February Home Maintenance Tips

With the cold weather setting in, we wouldn’t blame you for hunkering down and putting off your minor chores or responsibilities. After all, binging that new TV show is more enjoyable than clearing out that one drawer that doesn’t quite open because it’s so stuffed. However, getting a head start on these indoor home maintenance tasks will lessen your load once the warm weather hits.

We’ve separated our home maintenance checklist into three simple sections to make it easier for you to tackle: declutter and organize, clean, and prepare and maintain. Cross these simple items off your to-do list so you can go back to being cozy on the couch.

-Consolidate half-empty cleaning supplies and wipe down shelves before putting them back
-Remove clutter from drawers, shelves and cabinets to create more space

-Dust blinds and ceiling fans to remove dirt build-up
-Lauder or dry clean your bed linens to eliminate dust mites that cause allergies

-Place washable mats at entryways to catch any snow or road salt from the outdoors
-Check and replace filters for your HVAC, refrigerator, vacuum and other household items