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Top Spring Projects If You Plan to Sell Your Home from Better Homes and Gardens

Picking the right spring projects to tackle this season could sell your home faster—and at a higher price.

It might be hard to believe, but spring is just around the corner, and that means homeowners around the country are prepping to sell their homes. As you consider selling your property and getting it ready to go to market, you’re likely toiling over which improvement projects to invest in and which to skip. 

A recent study commissioned by Zillow and executed by The Harris Poll has some surprising insights into which of these spring projects most homeowners chose to tackle. Paired with data from Thumbtack, a home management platform, these findings show which projects can be most valuable while you’re preparing to sell your home—and just how much homeowners pay to get these projects done.

The Zillow study concludes that upgrades like fresh paint, carpeting, and landscaping are some of the most common ways to invest in your property. But it also found that about 30 percent of homeowners regretted not doing more projects before listing, saying they believed some fixes would have yielded a higher sale price.

Whatever you decide to do with your home, now is the time to start.

“If you're thinking about selling your home during the spring home shopping season, start rolling up your sleeves and get busy now,” says Zillow’s home trends expert Amanda Pendleton. “These projects always take longer than you think. This is prime time.”

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