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Deltaville - A very unique Boating Town

Formally known as the Boat building Capital of the Chesapeake

 Deltaville, known for being a vacation spot for those looking for sailing, fishing, and other activities associated with the water. The Middlesex County Board of Supervisors approved a resolution on October 2, 2012 supporting the efforts of the official naming, " Deltaville, The Boating Capital of the Chesapeake Bay." Approximately 500-800 full-time residents call Deltaville home; however, the town's population swells to several thousand in the summer months.  The tip end of Deltaville is Stingray Point, named by Captain John Smith on July 17, 1608. According to Captain John Smith's The General History, "He was stung by a stingray there while exploring the bay. Captain Smith is said to have given orders for his men to dig a grave because he believed himself to be dying from the sting. Walter Russell, a doctor of physic, and also a member of Smith's crew, applied a "precious oil" to Smith's wound. The Captain recovered sufficiently to eat the stingray for his dinner that evening. The legend that a cure was given to Smith by local Native Americans, who lived along what is now called Antipoison Creek, has been largely been discredited."


Having Fun and relaxing is what this area is all about!


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