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Home Inspection Service

A lot goes into a real estate transaction, and for our team at Long & Foster, making sure that process is as simple and seamless as possible for our clients is our No. 1 priority. That’s why we not only have our own in-house partners in mortgage, title, insurance and moving, but also partner with one of the best home inspection companies in the business—US Inspect.

Long & Foster clients receive a variety of exclusive home inspection services and discounts from US Inspect. Not only is the inspection scheduling process simple and easy for our clients, but also their team provides you with special pricing, speedy delivery of reports and an inspection guarantee. Whether you need a home inspection, radon gas test, termite inspection or more, US Inspect is committed to providing you with the very best.

Find the Home that Speaks to You

Convenient 24/7 Inspection Scheduling

Easily book your home inspection from your mobile device or computer at USInspect.com/LNF or by calling 888.854.USINSPECT. You can also quickly and easily review the inspection agreement, the unique benefits of US Inspect and Long & Foster’s partnership, and confirm your inspection in minutes on the website.

Street Savvy on Value

One-Hour Report Delivery - Long & Foster Exclusive

Inspect today, report today – exclusively for Long & Foster clients. US Inspect’s home inspectors collect data using mobile devices and deliver to you a customized full-color inspection report minutes after completing the inspection.

Our Network Is Your Network

105-Day Guarantee - Long & Foster Exclusive

If an item that was inspected by US Inspect and confirmed to be operating properly at the time of inspection breaks down within 105 days of the inspection, US Inspect will fix or replace the item.

Our Network Is Your Network

Everything Digital

US Inspect offers digital agreements, payments and reports, so you’ll save time and get to closing sooner.

Care Beyond Closing

Infrared Imaging with Every Inspection

With infrared imaging used on every inspection completed by US Inspect, you can have an extra level of confidence in the safety of your home.

Why Choose Long & Foster’s Inspection Partner

From convenient scheduling and thorough inspections to digital delivery of the industry’s finest reports, US Inspect and Long & Foster make it easy for you. US Inspect’s licensed inspectors are some of the best in the business. They strive to inform and educate you about your potential new house and property with factual, low-key approaches and, most importantly, guarantee their work.