Preserving Old Houses and The History That Makes Them Special

Old houses are no longer being made. The conditions under which they were built have vanished. In the past, high quality materials and skilled craftsmanship were readily available and affordable. Those days are gone. But many old houses are still here because they were built to last. Over time, they've acquired a character that sets them apart. So, whether you are buying or selling an old house, you should work with a Realtor who:

Recognizes thearchitectural and historical significance of a property

Can develop amarketing plan that highlights its uniqueness

Has connections with renovation contractors, historic tax credit consultants, and knows the renovation process

Can explain financial incentives for purchasing and renovating a vintage property

I am fortunate to work with Old House Authority consultant John Hebberd, a retired agent who spent almost 30 years actively engaged in commercial and residential sales, leasing and property management, much of it in city historic districts. John is a principal in numerous restoration projects, two of which were honored by the Historic Richmond Foundation.

Career Preservationist

My goal as a Realtor is to promote confidence among buyers that I will assist you in finding the resources necessary to secure the investment in and enjoyment of an old house. Before starting my own historic preservation consulting business--Old House Authority--I had a 12-yr career in in preservation nonprofit with Historic Richmond Foundation and Alliance to Conserve Old Richmond Neighborhoods. During this time, I helped to save more than 100 endangered properties by locating buyers, coordinating renovation financial incentives, historic tax credits consultants, and renovation contractors. I was named "Richmond of the Year" by Style Weekly 2004 largely for efforts to preserve landmark buildings in downtown Richmond. I received a Golden Hammer award in 2007 for my preservation advocacy.

Your Old House Authority

Purchasing an old house can be daunting. If it needs minor upgrades or complete restoration, you need capable contractors who understand traditional design and construction. I can connect you with experts who make historically appropriate renovation and design choices possible. You can be confident that I will guide you toward the resources you'll need to preserve the integrity and efficiency of your house.My objective is to help you avoid the common mistakes that diminish the historical, architectural and monetary value of old houses.

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