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While today’s real estate market conditions unquestionably favor those looking to sell, that does not mean homeowners should take things for granted. Buyers still want to purchase quality houses that will feel like home. Use this summer to make subtle home improvements that will not only look nice for you now but will give your home some extra appeal when you decide to sell.

Let’s look at ten design projects you can undertake to improve your home’s curb appeal (and the value).

  1. Improve your driveway. The driveway is the first thing people encounter when they visit your home. Take the time to fix potholes, repave worn areas and ensure landscaping around the driveway remains clean. You likely will need to hire a professional, but a well-maintained driveway provides an instant positive first impression.
  2. Decorate the front door. Just like your driveway, the front door serves as an early visual entry point for your home. Do simple things like applying a fresh coat of paint, polishing the door hardware, replacing the doorbell, knocker, or any nearby lighting.
  3. Revisit your windows. Replacing windows can get expensive but can provide an energy-saving benefit along with aesthetics.
  4. Create an outdoor living space. It is amazing what some nice furniture can do. During the pandemic, many homeowners invested in patios and decks. Just purchasing some nice lawn furniture and a few outdoor fixtures can improve the look and feel.
  5. Decorate the porch. Like the driveway and the front yard, a lovely porch helps welcome people to the home. If you have one, take time to decorate with flowers, small plants, and even low-level mood lighting.
  6. Change your hardware. Inside the home, an easy way to improve the look is with new hardware on cabinets. The kitchen is one of the rooms everyone uses, so installing modern hardware can create a simple and instant refresh.  
  7. Freshen the bathroom. Everyone knows that the bathrooms should be clean before anyone comes to look at a home. However, homeowners may want to think about replacing tiles, updating bathroom fittings, or even upgrading to a new tub before selling.
  8. Painting is always a good idea. A can of paint costs $25 and instantly brightens any room.
  9. Play with visuals. Aspiring interior decorators can make their home feel larger with a few tricks. Replace heavy closed drapes with vertical blinds or shudders, add a single large mirror to a room to visually double the space, and clear the clutter in a Marie Kondo-inspired clean-up.
  10. Spruce up the yard. A nice yard pays enormous dividends. Your grass does not need to look like the fairway at Augusta National but make an effort to keep the yard clean, manage regular maintenance, and if you are getting ready to sell, hire a landscaping expert to get your greenery ready to go.