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From Philadelphia's Main Line to the Capital Region, our agents bring specialized insight on exceptional properties to find everything you want in a home and out of life.


A Home Fit For a King & Queen

Finding a buyer for DC's most expensive home

A Luxurious Waterfront Retreat

That’s The Sound of The Ocean

Insights: Picasso

The World's Greatest
Art Collection

It's not Rome, Paris or London; the most expensive collection of modernist impressionist paintings lies in Philadelphia.
Growth Continues in Million-Plus Markets
2017 had a robust growth in luxury real estate sales across most geographical markets. A stable global economy, a strong stock market, low interest rates and rising consumer confidence served as positive tailwinds for the luxury residential real estate markets.
Globally Luxury Sales
Sales in Resort Markets
Faster Than Last year
Source: Global Luxury Real Estate Market Report: Luxury Defined 2018
Finding a Home: Easier Said than Done
"There's no question that if it weren't for the relationships I have with my fellow agents at Long & Foster, my clients likely wouldn't have been able to purchase a home they love so much."
- Peggy Lyn Speicher
Ken and Ann Knew Exactly What They Wanted
"There is no better feeling than seeing your clients fulfilling their goals, which makes situations like Ken and Ann's that much more rewarding."
- Colleen Kellner
A New and Fresh Marketing Approach
"By marketing directly to other luxury agents, including our vast Long & Foster network, in the Mid-Atlantic's major cities, we can tap into an extensive client base and reach buyers in those areas who are looking for beach homes."
- Long & Foster Associate
Making it Ready to Sell
"Preparing a house to sell is an integral part of my marketing plan. I help owners see their home from the buyers' perspective to promote its best features and lifestyle benefits and make any needed improvements."
- Pam Diemer
Fitting the Bill for the Entire Family
"This transaction, like many I’ve done, is a great example of why it’s so important to get to know your clients as best as you can. By knowing who they are and how they live, I can help make sure they get exactly the house they want and need"
- Jennie McDonnell
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