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Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing comes in many forms. Are you looking to convert your home to a rental property? Maybe you want to invest in a vacation getaway that helps pay for itself, or you’re simply looking for turnkey real estate investing opportunities? Investors often build future income streams by expanding their real estate holdings over time. Long & Foster serves every aspect of buying, managing and maintaining your residential property investment.

How Do I Invest

How Do I Invest in Real Estate?

As with any investment, you should research the market and seek trusted advice. Long & Foster has a network of over 10,000 licensed residential real estate agents across the U.S. Mid-Atlantic and Northeast, each with access to neighborhood-level market analysis. Your agent will be your partner in zeroing in on investment property opportunities, assessing potential risks and rewards and negotiating the purchase. Whether you are looking for a turnkey real estate investment or want a fixer-upper to rehab, your Long & Foster agent will have the insider knowledge to guide you.

Street Savvy on Value

How Can I Finance My Real Estate Investment?

Prosperity Home Mortgage LLC, a Long & Foster wholly owned subsidiary, has created real estate purchase and refinance options for investors. A mortgage consultant can help identify your best path to meeting your real estate investment goals. Some of Prosperity’s loan programs for investors require as little as 15% of the purchase price as down payment. So, it might take less money than you think to enter real estate investing as a beginner.

Expand my Portfolior

How Do I Expand My Real Estate Portfolio?

Real estate investors often look to leverage their equity or other assets to acquire more properties. Identifying investment opportunities with the most potential value for investors requires in-depth research and local market knowledge, whether your goal is turnkey real estate investing or you have the vision for rehabbing. The Long & Foster Companies will be your team in locating, financing and managing your investment properties, so you can build a sound business.

All the Resources You Need for Real Estate Investing

In addition to the expert advice you'll get from our real estate agents and mortgage consultants, our insurance, property management, commercial real estate and vacation rentals teams are here for all your real estate investing needs. With their support, you can get the right insurance coverage for your investments, have experienced and on-call property managers and more.

Managing Your Investment

Managing Your Residential Investment Property

Long & Foster Real Estate’s Property Management Division will keep your rental business running smoothly, whether your portfolio contains one home or many. Our trained property managers take the headaches out of managing your investment. Services include market analysis for accurate pricing, listing, marketing, accounting, collecting rent, administering lease agreements, monitoring property condition and much more.

Investing In A Vacation Home

Investing In A Vacation Home

What could be better than retreating to your own private getaway? How about leasing it out to other vacationers when you’re not using it, to help pay the mortgage or turn a profit? You can manage your holiday home easily with the help of Long & Foster Vacation Rentals. We’ll market your home to leisure travelers and manage the entire rental process, from booking to check-in to housekeeping.

Commercial Properties

Commercial Property Investing

Not only can Long & Foster support you with residential property investing, but also our Commercial Division can provide the support you need for commercial investments. Most commercial property available for sale or lease is not listed, so it takes a well-connected insider to navigate the marketplace. If your goals include investing in commercial real estate, connect with our team at the Long & Foster Commercial Real Estate Division. Our exclusively commercial agents and legal experts are adept at closing deals on shopping centers, apartment and condo developments, business parks and more.


Custom Insurance Protection For Your Investment Property

Commercial and tenant-occupied properties come with their own distinct insurance risks, including potential loss of rental income if a disaster makes the structure uninhabitable for a while. Your Long & Foster Insurance agent will ask all the right questions to determine your optimal coverage level as a landlord or investor. Agents gather proposals from the nation’s top insurers and advise you on selecting the right policies at the most competitive prices.

Residential Real Estate Investing Tips For Beginners

  • Decide whether you are buying to hold or resell
  • Choose a location with help from a knowledgeable real estate agent
  • Find a reputable mortgage company for financing
  • Determine whether you have the time and expertise to be a landlord, or if you need to hire a property management company
  • Get advice on taxes, insurance and all federal, state and local laws governing real estate investment and leasing
  • Consider Long & Foster to help you in getting started in residential real estate investing. Our multiple divisions can help you find, finance, insure, manage and care for your real estate investments