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The Proactive Approach

1. Price Accelerates Buyer Motivation
I encourage you to price your home competitively to create a flood of interest, not a drought of showings. Your home must be on the SHOW list to end up on the SOLD list.

2. Internet Exposure
Nearly 90% of all buyers search the Internet for properties. I maximize your worldwide exposure when I submit your home to our local Multiple Listing Service, and load a visual photo tour of your home onto,,,,, and classified ads, and hundreds of other of the most widely used real estate search engines. A single property website will be automatically connected to your Featured Listing. You will also receive a weekly report of web traffic while your home is active on multiple listings.

3. Neighborhood Exposure
Over 20% of home sales are generated through the use of a professional sign. I display my direct phone extension for easy answers to buyer inquiries. 

4. Realtor Community
Over 90% of all home sales are produced through cooperating agents. I promote your home at the company sales meeting and on social media to increase the odds of an in-house sale. 

5. Lockbox Access
The ease of showing through the use of a lockbox increases the odds of a timely sale at the highest price possible. We will place an electronic box at your front door to track showings and garner feedback from showing agents. Please ask all agents to open the lockbox to record their information even if you are at home during the showing.  

Agent and buyer visits will be scheduled through “Showing Time,” an app we use to schedule showings and request feedback. After a showing, the initial feedback request is sent to the agent electronically with a copy to you. The agent’s response (or lack thereof) is also seen by you in real-time. An immediate follow-up call is placed when a buyer or agent interest is indicated in the report. 

6. Open House Experience
A single property website, extensive online photography, and a Virtual Tour of your home are available to viewers 24 hours per day to produce an online open house experience with easy access to me by email or phone. We also assist with creating virtual staging for vacant homes. You want qualified buyers to visit your home without exposing it to the unqualified public. 

7. Daily Lead Generation
I prospect three hours per day by telephone, promoting my listings to my current buyer prospects, centers of influence, and past clients for their referrals and prospective buyers. 

8. Your Market Knowledge
I constantly update you about changes in the market, competing listings, new sales, or interest rates, and ask for price improvements at scheduled intervals.

9. Contract Negotiations
I represent you in all offer presentations to assist you in negotiating the best possible price and terms in today’s market. 

10. Your Home Is SOLD!
Upon a contract being accepted, my closing team handles the follow up of all mortgage, title, and other closing procedures, and the delivery of your check after closing.

Your Responsibility Throughout the Sales Process:

1. Timely Follow Up
Since I cannot track non-lockbox showings, call or email the Agent’s information to me for timely follow-up if you have allowed a showing without accessing the lockbox.

2. Make It Sparkle
Maintain the property in showing condition, both inside and out, throughout the process.

3. Keep Yourself Informed
Review all information provided to you about neighborhood activity and showing feedback to stay informed on market conditions. 

4. The Logical Approach
Review the attached document “Managing Your Expectations” to understand the process of selling and anticipate necessary adjustments.

5. I Am Your Resource
Call me with all of your questions and when you need supplies; I am your real estate resource and here to serve your needs.

6. Communicate Your Goals
Be honest with me about your motivation and time frame; I am your advocate in the marketplace.

7. Listen To The Market
Agree to act on feedback and market changes with appropriate price improvements; pricing ahead of market trends is critical to your success.




















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