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Why You Should Hire Pam & Dave Jones

When choosing an agent, we know you have options. Getting answers to your questions is the only way to determine who fits your unique needs the best. We’re here to help you make the decision process easier.

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Why Should I List with You When Another Agent Said They Could Get Me More Money?

The only way they can know what your house will sell for is if they are the buyer. Are they? Or are they “buying” your listing by quoting an unrealistic price? 

Motivated to buy prospects will compare your home’s features, benefits, and price to determine overall “value.” The other agent will have the same pool of prospects for your home that I will. Neither he nor I will likely sell your home. I will, however, be the reason your home sells and for a price, terms, and timeline that best meet your needs.

Why Should I Pay You a Full Commission When I Know Another Agent Will Accept Less?

Some agents discount their fees, and they should! Has there ever been a time you chose the “bargain” brand to save money, and it cost you more in the end?

The fee you pay is not mutually exclusive from the money you pocket. While I may charge more, I won’t cost you more. My company affiliation, marketing plan, negotiating skills, and attention to detail will result in selling your home for top dollar and settling in a time frame that meets your needs. And most importantly, you will pay me! A low commission on NO SALE does not accomplish your goals.

Why Should I Sign a Long-term Commitment with You?

If you were crossing the desert, you’d need enough gas to get to the other side, wouldn’t you? Our agreement will allow me to work in your best interests as long as it is active. I need enough gas to take you through the marketing, negotiating, and closing of your home!

Why Should I Choose to List My Home with Your Company Over Your Competitor?

  • Because we get homes SOLD!
  • Since the year 2000, we’ve sold 1,101 homes and counting!
  • 95% of our taken listings sell
  • Our average sales to list price is 103.5% vs. 100.4%, the market average
  • Our average days on the market is 9 days vs. 16 days, the market average

What is Your Personal Sell-to-list Price Ratio and Average Days on the Market?

In our local market, the 2022 average sell-to-list price ratio is 100%. That means the average agent, IF he or she sells your home, will only sell it for 100% of the listed price. Our average sell-to-list price ratio is 103.5%. What would 3.5% more in your pocket mean to you… on a $500,000 home that could mean another $17,500. 

Also, in 2022 the average days-on-market was 16 days. Our average days-on-market is 9 days. That means your home sells faster, costing you less in time, hassle, and mortgage payments. 

Of the Homes that You Listed in the Last 12 Months that Did Not Sell, Why Did They Not Sell?

Here is a rarely talked about fact. It’s predicted that by the end of the year, nearly 25% of all the homes currently listed for sale in our area won’t sell! Why? Often because the Sellers made the wrong decisions about pricing when they originally listed their homes. Ask the tough questions now!

Are You an Active Agent or a Passive Agent?

CAUTION! Are you considering an agent that relies on ads in the local paper and magazines, holds open houses and brokers opens, runs talking house ads, etc.? This is a PASSIVE agent, someone that passively sits and waits for the phone to ring. We are ACTIVE agents who schedule time DAILY to contact buyers and referrals for your home. Yes, we do some passive marketing, but we don’t expect anything other than ACTIVE marketing to get your home SOLD.

Why should you choose an active agent? Well, are you a gambler? Whether your answer is yes, or no, you probably want great odds that your home will get sold, don’t you? And will actively making contacts increase those odds? Exactly!

Why Should I Make a Decision to Hire You Today Rather Than Take Time to Think it Over?

If you need to think it over, I haven’t been effective in demonstrating the value of my services. I’d be happy to answer any further questions you have or help in any way I can to make your decision process easier. 

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