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Show Me the Stats: A Breakdown of Our Sales in the Last Year


The real estate market fluctuates constantly, but Pam and Dave Jones at Extraordinary Transitions strive for transparency about our business performance to guarantee a clear picture for you when selecting a real estate agent.

We keep careful logs of critical sales metrics throughout the year to help you compare services as you search for realtors.

Below are a few key insights that compare our market and sales data to the general real estate numbers in the Northern Virginia area.

Home Sales in the Last Year
During the 2022 cycle, agents in the local market sold fewer than five homes each on average.

Typically, when questioned about sales performance, other real estate agents will generate a response that avoids answering directly.

We will be very clear, since 2000, Pam and Dave Jones at Extraordinary Transitions have sold over 1,100 homes.

Other local real estate agents typically list and sell very few homes compared to representing buyers. Data reveals that other local agents represent buyers 80% of the time and sellers only 20%. In contrast, we represented sellers for 70% of our transactions.

Sell-to-List Ratio
A sell-to-list ratio measures the price that a home sells for vs. the initial listing price. For 2022, the local market’s sell-to-list ratio was 100%, meaning sellers received right around what they listed for.

On the other hand, the average sell-to-list ratio for Pam and Dave Jones at Extraordinary Transitions for 2022 was 103.5%.

Days on Market
Another critical stat to know is the average days-on-market, which for this area is 16.

However, our days-on-market average is 9, meaning you get to the dotted line faster.

Why Did Some Homes Not Sell?
Estimates show that in 2022 around 25% of listed homes in this area didn’t sell. One main reason is poor pricing strategy decisions during the initial appraisal. The best way to avoid a property sitting on the market is to ask tough questions upfront and partner with an experienced real estate agent so your property sells.

Why Extraordinary Transitions
With over 30 years of experience in Northern Virginia, Pam and Dave Jones at Extraordinary Transitions understand what it takes. Our expertise translates to performance, and we’re proud to explain how we verifiably outpace market averages.

If you want to learn more about how we can support you with any real estate needs, call Pam & Dave Jones at Extraordinary Transitions at (703) 587-7440.


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